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Adding video in with the still photos and music can make an exceptional montage. It can be one video montage before the still. Or, you can have videos interspersed at points within the montage. It’s a great way to include even more special memories. And, for your audience to see them come alive. I’ll work with you to identify the best parts of your videos — both with and without sound.


Like any good book or movie, your montage needs to hit the right high and low points. The pacing of the montage needs to build the audiences emotions and peak at exactly the right moment. Together we will make sure to plot out what you want to get out of your montage and how to get there.



Long enough to include those must have memories. Short enough that it won’t put anyone to sleep. Yet hitting all the most important moments in the subject’s life. Finding that sweet spot between 6 minutes at one end and 12 minutes at the other is another skill I provide to help you craft the most memorable montage.


Based on the overall length, we’ll estimate the number of photos. Then I’ll help with:

Culling: Cutting down tons of photos to just the most important. I’ll help choose between ones that all seem like keepers.

Organizing: We’ll find natural patterns & groupings. These form the montage’s structure.


To hit the emotional high and low points, the montage has to be set to the right music. We”ll need to choose songs that set the mood, fit the tempo of the sections, help to tell the story, and flow towards the peak of the montage. There’ll be a tradeoff between fewer full songs and parts of more songs that still work together.

Video Montage Samples

Here are two sample approaches to a video montage.

  • First, a video introduction which then transitions into a photo montage.
  • Second, video throughout the entire montage, pausing the photos at places to cut back to more video.

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Video Montage

Something Extraordinary
  • Together we figure out the emotional objectives
  • Up to 300 Photos
  • The best parts of up to 50 Videos
  • 6-15 minutes total length
  • Up to 5 songs — determined together
  • Delivered within a six weeks (rush service available for an additional charge)
  • Downloadable video file or DVD via USPS Priority Mai
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Photo Montage

Our best selling package
  • Together we figure out the emotional objectives
  • Up to 200 Photos
  • The best parts of up to 50 Videos
  • 6-12 minutes in length
  • Up to 5 songs — determined together
  • Delivered within a four weeks (rush service available for an additional charge)
  • Downloadable video file or DVD via USPS Priority Mai
Photo Montage Info
Brad Balfour

Brad Balfour

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Based out of Potomac MD, I’ve been creating slideshows for family and friends for many years now. As they’ve grown in popularity, more and more people keep asking me to create them for their occasion. I wanted to share the ingredients that set apart my memorable, emotional, montages with a larger audience. I created Memorable Montages as one of my side-gigs on nights and weekends. Fill out the contact form below. I’m happy to help share my skills with you and make your occasion memorable.

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