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What Does It Take?

It takes ingredients that really play to the audiences’ emotions. A photo collage that combines the words, images, and sounds in ways designed to draw the audience in.

A great photo montage is like a fine recipe, it combines memorable photos, inspiring music, and attractive (not cheesy) transitions. That combination, however, isn’t enough to make a truly memorable slideshow. You need:

The Right Photos

Want to look over and see Grandma or Mom looking misty eyed? Choosing the right photos of the bride as a little girl playing dress up bride, or the Bar Mitzvah boy being held for the first time are key. Ensuring that all they key people from all the right occasions are in there is important too. Then, combining them in ways that build on each other to bring back all those great memories to produce the emotional hooks. All of this is needed to get beyond the ordinary.

Music That Complements

Music can be literal, when a phrase in the lyrics show what’s in the photo. The music must complement the photos to provide a one-two emotional punch. The complement can be metaphorical whenever the song’s theme resonates with the that of the photos. In the literal example embedded below, the photo of the baby clutching Grandma’s finger is exactly aligned with the same lyrics in the accompanying song.

Intensifying Music

Afraid that the audience will cringe with embarrassment? The music must bring the audience back to a place and time where they feel and remember what they are seeing in the photos. Overused, cliche music is all too easy to use. We’ve all been there and seen that. But in order to create a memorable slideshow you need to draw the audience in and create an emotional response that you want — either joyful or mellow.

Deliberately Chosen Transitions

Frustrated by how easy it is to go over the top? It’s no different than when you make your first desktop published document using every font available. With tons of  transitions it is all too easy to go from simple and complementary to gaudy and cliche. Restraint is the better part of valor. Well chosen transitions both keep interest and emphasize movement from one major section to another. A well chosen transition drives the emotional pacing of the slideshow by combining changing musical tempo, the use of section titles, and matching slides transitions.

Duration and Tempo

Will this montage be too short or too long? Hitting that Goldilocks “just right” length is the key. A memorable slideshow includes all the key moments to summarize the event. But, it needs to leave them wanting more. Unintentionally spending too much time in any one section can become boring. However, sometimes it is appropriate for the emotional pace to be slower and more sentimental. Just like the first dance at a wedding reception, photos of large groups require slower timing, so that the audience can absorb all the details. This enables audiences to have a chance to focus on their friends and family even in large group shots. In other situations, fast timing of the music and the photo transitions can be used to rapidly cover a larger number of similar photos in succession, such as when showing a similar subject changing over time. This puts emphasis on the change, communicates it rapidly, and injects emotional energy.


How can I face that blank screen? Most people rarely, if ever, put together a photo collage for an event. So sitting down to a blank new document can be very overwhelming. An editor who has created memorable slideshows for many different audiences has a built in vocabulary. Experience has shown what will work and what won’t.

We Build Memorable Slideshows

When you don’t have the time or the skills to do it yourself

Combining all these attributes under the deadline of an upcoming Wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah or Anniversary can be enough to make you crazy. We specialize in making an emotional montage that will leave your audience moved.

Can’t I get one anywhere?

Sure you can. Almost every photographer and videographer will throw one in along with your package as an add on. But, that’s an ordinary slideshow.

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When it has to be worth it

Don’t leave it to chance as an add on package to some other specialty. Work with folks who specialize in making things right. Creating memorable slideshows is all we do. When you need results, choose to work with the experts in emotional slideshows.

Video Montage

Something Extraordinary
  • Together we figure out the emotional objectives
  • Up to 300 Photos
  • The best parts of up to 50 Videos
  • 6-15 minutes total length
  • Up to 5 songs — determined together
  • Delivered within a six weeks (rush service available for an additional charge)
  • Downloadable video file or DVD via USPS Priority Mai
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Photo Montage

Our best selling package
  • Together we figure out the emotional objectives
  • Up to 200 Photos
  • The best parts of up to 50 Videos
  • 6-12 minutes in length
  • Up to 5 songs — determined together
  • Delivered within a four weeks (rush service available for an additional charge)
  • Downloadable video file or DVD via USPS Priority Mai
Photo Montage Info

Thanks to Brad for relieving stress in what was arguably the most challenging part of our Bar Mitzvah prep. The montage is one of the most rewarding parts of the reception — forcing us to cull down from thousands of photos to just 100 or so to help the guests capture the essence of your kid and family — merging heart and hopefully humor. Brad was incredibly supportive, inventive and calming. We were thrilled with the result. We’re so happy our son will have a beautiful visual testimony of his first 13 years as a momento of his Bar Mitzvah. We’re looking forward to the process for our daughter.

Linda & Dan Snow

We absolutely LOVED our montage!  It was better than we could have imagined.  The transitions, the matching of the music to the content of the photos (both words and pace), plus Brad’s special touch of producing the most heartwarming conclusion…  We will treasure our montage forever.  Working with Brad is a delight.

Andrea & Paul Lewis

We have known Brad for many years and trust him completely with documenting the special times in our lives. He is the ultimate professional – he pays close attention to detail and is a pleasure to work with! The video montage that he made for our daughter’s bat mitzvah was both playful and fun while the picture montage of her Havdalah service was moving and poignant. Brad’s ability to use the available light during the service was genius. He truly captured the excitement and joy of the moment. We will always treasure both.

Lesley & Ron Cooper

Brad Balfour

Brad Balfour

Owner and Creator

Based out of Potomac MD, I’ve been creating slideshows for family and friends for many years now. As they’ve grown in popularity, more and more people keep asking me to create them for their occasion. I wanted to share the ingredients that set apart my memorable, emotional, montages with a larger audience. I created Memorable Montages as one of my side-gigs on nights and weekends. Fill out the contact form below. I’m happy to help share my skills with you and make your occasion memorable.

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